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Department of Genome Sciences Education Outreach 
This site features information on the University of Washington's innovative K-12 programs designed to  bring leading-edge science to teachers and students. These programs provide interdisciplinary, hands-on science curricula, teacher training, equipment, and support.

The GENETICS Project
A University of Washington K-12 outreach program that provides professional development for elementary, middle, and high school teachers and works to identify and develop outstanding genetics instructional materials.

University of Washington Genome Center
The UW Genome Center in Seattle Washington is the site of our automated sequencing activities. This site features a virtual tour, protocols for many lab techniques, and other information related to large-scale genomic sequencing.

Genetics Education Partnership
This site features an extensive collection of reviews of genetics curricular materials for grades K-12, genetics classroom activities and lesson plans, and links to many other genetics and biotechnology outreach programs throughout Washington state.

Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center
One of the most well-designed and informative web sites geared towards science education, the DNA Learning Center is an excellent resource for students, teachers and the general public regarding classroom and computer-based learning resources.

Access Excellence
Access Excellence is the place to go to learn about biotechnology. This well-designed and well-organized site features teaching communities, plenty of activities, and opportunities for collaboration between teachers, scientists, and students.

Genetic Science Learning Center
This University of Utah site features scientist profiles, separate sections for teachers, students, and families, and excellent overviews of introductory genetics as well as more specialized topics.

A Primer on Molecular Genetics
This Department of Energy primer, published in 1992, contains a useful overview of many key genetic concepts, as well as valuable information about the Human Genome Project. Print-ready PDF versions of the document are also available.

Genomics and Its Impact on Medicine and Society: A 2001 Primer
This primer updates the 1992 Primer on Molecular Genetics. This edition covers basic science; the Human Genome Project; what we know so far; related ethical, legal, and societal issues; medicine; benefits; and more. Also available in PDF.

Genetics Education Center
Based at the University of Kansas, the Genetics Education Center brings together information and links from a wide variety of different sources, making it an excellent starting point for investigation of genetics education resources.

National Human Genome Research Institute
The mission of the NHGRI is to head the Human Genome Project for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NHGRI is one of 24 institutes, centers, or divisions that make up the NIH, the federal government's primary agency for the support of biomedical research.

Science Education Partnership, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
SEP is a professional development program in biotechnology for secondary school teachers in Washington State.

Washington State Outreach Programs in Genetics and Biotechnology
An alphabetical listing of programs in Washington.

National Institute on Drug Abuse
One of 24 institutes belonging to the National Institutes of Health. Primary funder of the High School Human Genome Program.

Neuroscience for Kids
Neuroscience site for K-12 students and teachers. Activities, trivia, and the latest in neuroscience, all at an accessible level for this audience.

The Wellcome Trust
This site includes a historical account of the Human Genome Project and the challenges the project has faced, as well as current information on the progress of the HGP. Other unique pages are "20 Facts about the Human Genome" and a "Tour of the Chromosomes". 

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